Your Home as an Asset

You have a great deal invested in your home. It may be one of nicest and most inviting assets your own. You take pride in your home and maintain it well. You make sure that guests are taken care of in your home. You have created an inviting place to entertain your relationships.

Using the home as a business asset is a great way to take advantage of something you already have.


You may wish to hold staff meetings in your home. Many of our clients have one per month. Experts time and time suggest getting your staff out of the office so they will be free to think: unbound by the next piece of work. What better place than to benefit from the environment you have worked so hard to create? When you invite your staff to your home, the staff feels like family. This creates loyalty and connections.

Your home is a great place to:

  • Host holiday parties
  • Watch sports events
  • Celebrate a special announcement
  • Commemorate the retirement of a beloved employee

Many important services are being provided to businesses from vendors. This is due to the increased specialization. It is easy to see in the technological end. Business are unable to hire IT departments, relying instead on a strong relationship with vendors. Many computer vendors are vital to the operations. Having great relations with printers is also a plus. When events change having a printer committed to the relationship is key.

Inviting vendors to events of your home creates strong relationships. This shows the relationship is deeper than just business; it goes to the personal level.


Having potential clients mingle with current clients at social events breeds referrals. The potential clients get to see and meet your current clients and have the opportunity to be impressed. This also allows you to mingle with client and potential clients, and this presents a great opportunity to have your business come up naturally in the conversation.