Custom Tax Planning For Business Owners

Capital Preservation Services (CPS) has helped numerous business owners dramatically and positively impact his or her bottom line with an average of $60,000 in tax savings as well as assist our entrepreneurial clients grow their businesses through efficient marketing plans.

How we can help

Capital Preservation Services’ tax savings strategies are custom designed by seasoned and highly skilled tax attorneys for those owning their own businesses.

CPS tax planning strategies are not designed around contributing to a qualified retirement plan, purchasing equipment before year end, or buying an annuity.

Through proper corporate structuring, our tax attorneys and tax professionals can legally reduce your tax liability. A CPS customized tax plan reduces the average client’s tax rate to 15-20% of income.

CPS provides an Audit Defense Plan to protect clients from potential penalties.

For CPS clients we also assist in business succession planning and asset protection planning to complement your CPS tax plan.