Capital Preservation Services recommends our clients place a renewed emphasis on marketing. We believe that marketing is similar to food not medicine. You need food every day but you only need medicine to fix a problem, such as a lack of business production and sales. A Capital Preservations Services Marketing Plan will substantially change the way you do business both economically and practically with more productive benefits. After the full implementation of this plan, instead of all income flowing to you, funds will be paid to a Marketing Company owned mostly by unrelated persons: carefully selected by you to use their talents to increase your business. This may negatively affect your economic situation as your personal cash flow will be less than before the plan. However, as the marketing benefits start to make gains, the income of the business is expected to increase. The effects of a CPS Marketing and Tax plan will complement one another.


These are two very good questions that we are often asked.

Why market? First, marketing does work. In the US over 100 billion was spent on marketing last year. These companies allocate these resources to marketing because there is a return on their investment. Secondly, you either want to maintain or grow your business.

How do you market? This will be the main emphasis of the marketing plan Capital Preservation Services will help you put together. Marketing has unlimited “meaning” when it comes to maintaining your business. Your specific occupation and industry will drive the majority of “how do we market,” however there are core marketing techniques that apply to all industries.


In 2014 the top 200 advertisers in the US spent $137.8 billion on advertising. Again these companies spent this money because it worked and whether they were wanting to grow or maintain their market share, they knew marketing/advertising was not optional.

Marketing and its benefits can become very important, almost overnight, even for an established business. Smart business owners try to be proactive not reactive.