Branding and Marketing

Marketing & Branding Work Together

Branding, as you will see, should both proceed and underlie any marketing efforts. When branding is done properly it communicates the values, characteristics, and attributes of your company. Branding can also clarify what you are not.

Marketing Efforts Are Brand Reinforcement

A brand will encourage someone to buy a product but the brand does not explicitly say “buy me”. It says this is what I am, what I represent, and why I exist. If you like these things you tend to buy.

The Brand may not activate a buy for your organization but it will be what they remember about your organization.

If they do buy or become clients, then the brand is what determines if they will be a loyal customer and even an advocate for you. One of the driving factors that build the brand is your customer’s experience. Did you meet the client’s expectations? Did you exceed these expectations?

Good marketing efforts are a brand reinforcement. Remember, like marketing, (which everyone is doing), every business or company has a brand. The question is, are you helping shape that brand in a positive manner? Your brand is what you are; but more importantly, it is what you are in the minds of your “brand” consumers.

The great thing about branding is you have the ability to change or reshape your brand. This is done with the consistent planned marketing and enhancing your client’s experience. No one can be good at everything. Most organizations are only truly good at a few things. Find those things and build your brand around these deliverables.

The Greatest Brand In America’s History

McDonalds’ competes with many other fast food chains. Some may argue there are fast food chains that offer better, higher quality hamburgers and fries. For example, Burger King is a substantial player in the fast food industry. They both sell essentially the same products and have access to the same marketing agencies. So why has Burger King never been able to come close to McDonalds? The answer is branding. Burger King sells hamburgers, but McDonalds sells an experience. This experience becomes an emotional bond for many at a very young age. This bond is formed through anticipation of a prize in a Happy Meal, playing in a McDonalds play ground, or school outings that ended with lunch at McDonalds.

Branding vs. Marketing

The brand may not activate a buy for your organization but it will be what they remember about your organization. Good marketing efforts are a brand reinforcement.

As we create your marketing plan and brand, begin to think what your current brand may be and how you may want to control it or change it. The more positive your brand the more success you will see long term.